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Stages of Treatment, North Country Acupuncture, Albany NY | North Country Acupuncture

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Stages of Treatment

General stages of treatment for most acupuncture patients:

Symptomatic Relief Stage:

Many but not all patients begin acupuncture treatment seeking relief from pain or discomfort.  Damage to the body over time tends to accumulate and frequent visits for the first few weeks may be necessary to reduce symptoms and improve a patient’s health.  The numbers of treatments are determined by symptoms, present health condition, age, and current life-style.  It is imperative that treatments continue in the first few weeks as prescribed in order to strengthen, build, and support the body during this fragile period, even if relief from symptoms is realized early in the treatment cycle. It is a practitioner’s goal to get a patient from the symptomatic relief stage to the preventative stage of treatment as soon as possible.

Preventative Stage:

Once a modicum of relief is realized and symptoms have abated, visits can be spread out and do not necessarily have to be as frequent.  The cycle of treatment takes a preventative approach and continued visits are necessary to insure that symptoms remain dormant and do not resurface.  Here the goal of acupuncture is to continue treatment as part of your wellness plan.  Visits once a month are common or, depending upon seasonality (cold season, hay fever, etc.), more treatments may be required to keep strength and resistance up in order to keep the body healthy, balanced, and free from further potential illness.

Patients will often schedule additional treatments before allergy season in times of mental or emotional strain and physical tension as a preemptive strike against “Dis-Ease”.  Other pivotal events may be before or during exams or big life changing events to prevent or minimize “Dis-Eases” that may occur!

Acupuncture is concerned with the whole person and addresses the person on many levels of functioning. This ancient method of healing is based on natural laws influencing the movement of energy in nature and in the body.  This energy is called qi, and flows through the body in channels like rivers through the earth.  Health and the absence of Dis-Ease is sustained when qi in the body is moving properly.  Illness and pain can begin when qi is blocked and moves disharmoniously.  Such things as stress, sadness, and injury can disrupt the harmonious movement of Qi.  Acupuncture treats the underlying imbalances and promotes wellness from within the body.google оптимизацияотзывы ооо полигоннафтогазфлеш видеокамерысколько стоит раскрутка сайта в интернетеподводная видеокамера для зимней рыбалки купитьмайнкрафтnetmonitorcrack.comyourbinaryoption.com