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Acupuncture Treatment, North Country Acupuncture Albany NY | North Country Acupuncture

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First Steps

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! ~ Confucius

Initial visit

The goal of the initial visit is to discuss any health concerns a patient may have and to allow for an ample opportunity to assess any underlying conditions and symptoms. There is time to talk extensively about the workings of a patient’s body and future goals a patient hopes to achieve through treatment. All information is kept in strict confidence or as required by law. After a thorough assessment is discussed and determined, a patient can expect their first acupuncture treatment in the same visit. This initial visit generally lasts anywhere from one to two hours and patients should plan accordingly.

What to wear

Wear loose comfortable clothing to any treatment. A patient’s privacy is respected at all times and patients remain covered through the treatment although you may have to partially undress or move clothing. Please refrain from wearing makeup or fragrances to help assist in the diagnosis process.

Post treatment

The response to Acupuncture varies widely from person to person and each treatment to treatment. Generally, patients notice a deep relaxation, a boost in energy – or nothing at all. Honor your body after each treatment and bend to its wishes; if you are tired, a nap might be helpful. If you are experiencing an increase in energy level, than perhaps a walk would be appropriate. It is best to refrain from extreme elements such as sun bathing or being out in the cold for extended periods of time after treatment.

Will my insurance cover acupuncture?

Coverage for care is dependent upon the terms and conditions of your insurance plan. It is North Country Acupuncture’s policy that you file directly with your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Receipt for submission for your claim will be provided upon request.

How often do I receive treatment?

During the initial consultation we establish a wellness plan that is unique to a your needs. Acupuncture treatment generally lasts 45 minutes to an hour and will be spread out after the first few weeks of regular visits. Our goal is to address initial concerns and then to continue your well-being with periodic visits throughout the year.Light Optionsстоимость баннерной рекламывыбратьспонсоры евроgoptions reviewmalaysiaскачатьсмотричто такое конверсия